Match Update

Yesterday I received an email from the Donor Contact Team at  I had been wondering what the status was of my possible bone marrow donation, but had also been told it would be a “hurry up and wait” situation.

The email thanked me for my willingness to donate, and informed me that while I was a match for the patient, the patient was not ready for a transplant at this time. Possible causes listed were problems with finding a caregiver, problems with health insurance, or a change in the patient’s condition. I know that might mean that the patient has taken a turn for the worse, or is deceased, and I find myself wondering about this patient, her family, her situation.

I’ll never know, and can only commit to remaining on the registry and to continue to say “yes” if needed.


Signing up as a potential donor was easy, easy, easy.  If you’re reading this and aren’t on the registry, why not take a moment and find out more about it?  Every potential donor deepens the pool of possibilities.


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