Powerball fantasies

It’s all over the news. Powerball, the multi-state lottery, has a record payoff.  It seems as though the whole world is rushing to their local convenience store to buy a ticket.

The odds of winning?  Let’s just say that you’re more likely to be struck by lightening while riding a unicycle and simultaneously juggling bunny rabbits than to win this thing.  But still, it makes for interesting conversation.


I was talking with a couple of friends this afternoon, and the subject came up.  At that moment, the jackpot was something like 700 million dollars.

What would you do? Whatever would you DO with that?  It was interesting that we all had pretty much the same reaction.  Think of all the good things you could do with it. We fantasized about the causes we would each benefit, and found we had quite a few concerns in common.

Driving home, I made a list in my head.  Veterans and wounded warriors.  Homeless.  Military families.  Educational programs. Those trying to turn their lives around after being caught up in human trafficking and drug abuse. Those fleeing religious persecution. Those struggling to rebuild after catastrophic weather events. Enabling people to start small businesses and farms.  My list, it seemed, was endless.  It was both close to home and worldwide.

The odds are astronomical against my being tonight’s Powerball winner.  But then, they’re pretty much the same for everyone holding a ticket, and eventually, someone will win it.

I like to think they’ll do good things with the winnings. In the meantime, maybe I should dust off the unicycle.


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