September sucked.

That’s really the only word for it. September has been over for a month now, and I can finally write a bit about it and say briefly why it was such a rotten month.

In September, I lost two people that I love dearly. (And because so many people have asked, no. It was not CoVid.) A longtime friend and mentor, Deacon Diane, at the beginning of the month, is with her Savior now. If not for Diane, I would not have made (and hopefully will continue to do so) nearly as much music in my life.

In the middle of the month, I lost my dad.

He was always there for me, even when he didn’t quite understand why I was doing what I was doing. His love and encouragement made me who I am. Pop exemplified a father’s love. He nurtured his family and started a successful business. He was a man of faith, and never gave up on his dreams. He taught me to do likewise.

Both of these individuals are superheroes in their own right. I miss them dearly, and thank God for their beautiful lives.


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